Joyanne LeBarron


After spending 15 years away from her hometown, Joyanne LeBarron moved back to Comox 6 months ago with her son Bennett. Life on the island is better than they even dreamed about - beaches to explore, forests to roam and a passionate community for them both to connect with. 

Thursday's are date night at Sushi wara. First they hit up the Goose Spit then an early dinner just the two of them. Something they look forward to all week. Bennett attends Beachcombers Community School (Little Oysters Preschool) in Fanny Bay, a wonderful nature-based preschool and child care program with Montessori influences. With Spring on the way, mama and B are working on garden plans and looking forward to evenings at the beach and weekend adventures. 

We absolutely love having Joyanne as an integral part of our team.

Paige Owen