Low Cost Home Updates


It's August, typically a slow month in Comox Valley real estate, but the market has not slowed down. Historically, buyers wait until September to start looking again, after the fun and hectic life of summer has passed. This year, we have plenty of buyers and very low inventory. 

In the 12 months ending July 31st, 2015 there were 1555 sales of all property types, a 12% increase over 2014. The highest number of annual sales was 2256 in 2007. The lowest was 879 in 1998. The twenty-two year average is 1510. This is the first year since 2007 to experience above an above average number of sales.

The last week alone, we have had 45 new listings, 31 reductions and 38 sales. Listing season is going to kick in to high gear again in September/October, and now is your chance to spend this month preparing your home for a quick, profitable sale. Before you sign your listing paperwork, please go through this check list:

first impressions

  • install a new mailbox

  • upgrade outdoor lighting

  • replace your old front doormat

  • plant annual flowers

  • paint the front door

  • update front door knob & door bell

  • clean gutters

  • wash exterior windows


staging for sale

  • add new pillows on sofas

  • display subtle scented candles (do not over Febreeze!! it does more harm than whatever you're trying to cover up)

  • replaces torn window screens

  • wash all window frame 

  • use bins and baskets for your clutter

  • take down family photos

  • place a centrepiece on a large table

  • replace burnt out light bulbs

  • take out of season clothes and put in bins (it will make your closet look larger)

  • wash all mirrors in the house 

  • wipe down all cabinets and counters prior to viewings

  • replace heavy/dark/dated curtains with neutral sheers

  • play ambient background music (think classical, jazz, acoustic) 

  • patch and paint anywhere that the walls are chipped

the extra mile

  • replace dated faucets

  • replace dated door knobs

  • replaced dated cabinet knobs and pulls

  • re-caulk sinks and bath tubs

  • buy new towels (and don't use them!)

Take a look at our listing at 2434 Tutor Drive in Comox, B.C for a great example of a beautifully maintained and presented home, prepared for a smooth, barrier free sale to very lucky buyers. Now offered at $559,900.