December e-Newsletter


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"It is hard to believe we are nearing the end of 2016. And what a year it was! Our business boomed along with the fastest paced real estate market the Comox Valley has ever seen. It was a mix of emotions throughout the year - celebrations of financially rewarding multiple offers for our sellers, and recovering with and fighting side by side with our buyers as they fought it out in a low inventory, high demand market. With that, and with the coming arrival of baby Christoph, we made the very easy decision to bring on an Office Manager to handle our administrationWe are thrilled to have welcomed Joyanne to our team last month. Like us, she has deep roots in the Comox Valley, having grown up here and stayed close to her family and friends that remained.

In 2011 she completed the Real Estate licensing course and she joined an established real estate firm in the fast paced Vancouver market. Her multi tasking, organizational skills and customer service experience make her a natural fit. 

The warm and positive energy that she exudes allows for effective communication with our clients, cooperating agents and other industry professionals. We knew within minutes of meeting her that she was the perfect addition to our team. You will easily find an immediate sense of trust in her capabilities and the pride she takes in the quality of her work.

Some interesting stats:  

  • The twelve month average sale price of a Comox Valley home is $409,418, up 12% from 2015. The average lot price is $175,835, up 2%. If you purchased an ‘average’ home in 2006, you paid $293,254. If you bought an average lot in 2006, you paid $149,128.
  • If you bought an average home in Cumberland in 2006 you paid $177,333. The twelve month average price is $360,258, up 22% over last year. The largest local YTD average sale price differential is between the old City of Courtenay ($347,561) and Crown Isle ($611.351).
  • Looking at average house prices in all of BC ($606,787) and Victoria ($615,066) our homes are a bargain with 86.5% of our sales occurring below those averages."
Paige Owen